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I wish I had hair!

A note from President Dave Oxley.

Spring is in the air! I wish I had Hair!

Thought I’d have it forever when I was young.

But life is not always fair!

We have one more meeting in May before we party down at Extra Billy’s in early June and head out for summer adventures. With the euphoria from the success of the Fore Children Show still hanging in the air, we have a few more venues to enjoy before we take a break to recharge our creative batteries. Please participate as much as you can in these and the upcoming Fall venues as Exhibitors and also Chairpersons when possible.

Whatever you do this summer, be sure to have fun with experimenting with your art....don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself. To quote Groucho Marx...”if you are afraid to laugh at yourself, I will be glad to do it for you.”

Keep on creating!


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