Submit Exhibit or Show Fees

Please submit your exhibit or show fees using this PayPal button. You can indicate the appropriate amount for your exhibit or show after clicking donate. PLEASE use the NOTES feature in PayPal to share the name of the exhibit or show for which you're submitting fees so we know you have paid. 

If you have questions, please contact us.

Step-by-step directions:

1. Click "donate." This is the language PayPal uses and we can't change it to anything more appropriate like "pay fees" or "pay dues." While this page is used for dues payments, it can also be used for show fees. Note: some people have reported trouble when clicking "donate." Please clear your cache and allow for pop ups in your browser to prevent most of the trouble.

2. The page should redirect to PayPal where you can type in the amount of fees you wish to donate.

Add your own fee amount.jpg

3. Click the blue "next" button. This will bring you to a page where you can "add note." This is where you provide your name, the show title, the show dates, and any other identifying information you think is pertinent to the submission.

Add Notes BAAA fees.jpg

4. Finally, click "donate now."


The following button is where you click to pay show fees via PayPal. The language "Donate" is PayPal's language and, as we are a 501c3, that is what your dues are doing when you submit your dues. Thank you for your participation in our association!