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Housekeeping and jurying process

A message from President Dave Oxley:

Hello all,

Hope this message finds everyone well and in the midst of preparing for that summer vacation that you have looked forward to all winter! Or you might just be enjoying a cold one or two in between mowing and weed whacking or you may have the neighbors over to your patio while you entertain them by reading this aloud.

Anyway….I’m sitting outside on a beautiful morning enjoying a nice cup of coffee in a plain mug instead of the shiny BAAA mug that I was promised 3 months ago.

Thinking about the June luncheon coming up at Extra Billy’s in a couple of weeks. I hope everyone can make it. Always a lot of fun!

We held a board meeting recently and discussed quite a few things including adjustments to the BAAA jurying in process to become an Exhibiting Member or adding another medium to one’s exhibiting status. This will be further looked at by a committee and brought before Membership.

Another item that was brought up was the misuse of the BAAA email list. It seems that this list is sometimes used for purposes that are not BAAA related. This should not occur. Please refrain from using the list for anything other than BAAA business. Please send non-BAAA related news and announcements to Jean for the newsletter or to Elizabeth for the blog and Facebook pages.

Please give some thought to stepping up to becoming a Board Member as we have a few folks stepping down at the end of 2019! Need to know by September or October.

A thought for today: “A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hand and his brain and his heart is an artist’.—Louis Nizer, American lawyer (1902-1994). PC disclaimer! This also applies to women.

See you at Extra Billy’s….Keep on creating!


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