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BAAA News & Announcements - November 2018 Newsletter

• Jill Chafin reminds BAAA members that she is collecting money for the Church’s Bicycle Fund. Last year we raised over $700! Can we top that? You can bring cash or a check. If you have a check make it out to Huguenot Road Baptist Church. She will collect the funds before the meeting and during the break and turn in the funds after the meeting, so don’t forget. Thanks in advance for your stunning generosity. If you are not planning to attend the meeting in November and still contribute to the bike fund, you can send a check to Jill at 3204 Crossings Way, Midlothian, VA 23113

• Another reminder from Jill concerns the Art Trading Cards. She will collect the finished cards at the Friday meeting. Please make sure you have your name on the back as well as the title and medium. There will be a sign-up sheet on the back table. Take time to sign it and include the number of cards you are submitting. There will be a container for the cards next to the sheet. This will be a great swap again. I think everyone who participates gets a big kick out of seeing what everyone has done and getting a boost to their collections.

Elizabeth O’Meara will now serve as Publicity Chair for BAAA. She has made some minor adjustments to bring our website up to date. She is now in the process of building a more modern website. She needs your artistic and discerning eyes to help her proof the website before it goes live. Please email her at elizomeara @ gmail . com if you are willing to click around a mock-up to see if it functions properly and looks aesthetically pleasing.

Art for the Journey would like to thank all the artists who participated in our Gala on October 11th. The hurricane slowed our art sales down a bit, but we still processed over $10,000 in purchases! BAAA artists are a wonderful partner and we are so grateful. Mark Hierholzer, President/CEO

• Elaine Bankston is looking for someone to volunteer to take her place at the Powhatan Women’s Prison on Thursdays from 9:00 to 10:30 am on Thursdays in January through March. It takes several weeks to get FBI clearance. Please let her know ASAP at 744-2787.

• BAAA plays a large role this time at Uptown Gallery where 6 of the 7 highlighted artists are Bon Air members. These include Linda Lavigne-Long, Joyce Satterwhite, Patricia Berry, Bobbie Delgado. Becky Fernald and Sally Guynn. Other guest artists include two wood turners, Ron Holden and Pete Ryan, who will display bowls, pens and other items ideal for holiday gifts. Please come have a glass of wine with us and support your fellow BAAA members!

Open Figure Drawing at VCU: Some of you have show an interest in the Tuesday drawing group at VCU. The address is 812-814 W. Franklin Street, just across from the gymnasium. Franklin Street now has parking meters, so you can park FREE on any side street or on Grove Avenue. To pay for the model a cash fee will be collected from the artists, so a large crowd can mean a small fee, sometimes as little as $3. More frequently it is about $6. The schedule begins at 6:30 pm with gesture poses followed by one long pose to finish at 9 pm. If you have any other questions call Eric Johnston at 804-200-9226.

• Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Exhibits

  1. “Fine Arts and Flowers”, October 24-Nov. 28, tickets:;

  2. “Howardena Pindell”, August 25-Nov. 25, African-American Political and Personnel;

  3. “Truthful Witnessing”, May 12-Oct 14, Black Photographers;

  4. “Precision Impulse”, July 28-Nov. 12, Works on Paper: world wars, architecture, mechanical, water media.

November Newsletter News - Bon Air Artists Association
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