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Artists don't have to ride the bull

Selling Your Art Not Your Soul

By Sally Guynn

I heard an artist the other day say, “If I have to use marketing to sell my art, then it must not be that good!” Have you ever felt like that? Does the idea of marketing to sell your artwork make you feel like you’re tainting it somehow?

The truth is many artists don’t understand what marketing is, or they’ve confused the concept with the sleazy side of advertising.

Here’s a reality check: Wanting to sell our art means we’re in the art selling biz. And, marketing is a choice to do our art business smartly.

Defining marketing boils down to your finding out WHO wants to buy your kind of art, WHERE are they, and HOW to best reach them to let them know you have what they want? First, you have to get your head around exactly what your art genre/niche is, then describe it in your words/voice.

Right now, the raging bull in the digital marketing world is social media, a marketing tool, proving itself most effective in reaching potential customers and establishing your following for growing sales.

You don’t have to ride the bull, just learn how to tame him a little so he can take over pulling your cart of sales.

Our BAAA April 5th program will feature a panel of speakers (one owns a gallery, one successfully sells her art using social media, and the third panelist will be a surprise) discussing our questions about marketing.

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