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Spare the glare

By Sally Guynn, Programs chair

At our Feb 1st meeting, professional framer and owner of Collectors Gallery, David Humphries, enlightened us about the dos and don’ts of framing our artwork. Using tapes such as Scotch, packaging, duct, and rubber cement amounted to The Seven Deadly Sins of framing. To avoid such sins, Humphries recommended Abaca Hinging Tape, a 100% reversible tape that leaves no residue on the work, thus preventing acid-caused brown spots on the image. David shared a hot tip about giclee’ copies of artwork—“Today’s

technology now enables scanning our artwork originals to produce copies with perfect color separations. He recommended Staples Fine Art (on Southlake Blvd) if you’re looking for a high quality scan of your artwork.

Humphries suggested a number of ways to enhance one’s framing presentation including using V-grooves on the mat, wood fillets, or deeper frames. "100% cotton mats are superior to acid-free mats, and many galleries and shippers prefer and/or require framing grade acrylic over glass." David’s strongest advice was, "Never ship using glass" and "Never keep artwork in afternoon sun."

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