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Online Payment for Crossroads Member Show

How exciting! We're jumping into the digital payment age with this show, allowing you to sign up for and pay from the comfort of your home!

The easiest and fastest way to pay the entry fee online...

We also sent out a email invitation to members of this website (so register to become a member of the site to get that perk!).


Because you are a curious and capable person who wants to know how to do this in the future, continue reading to find out how to accomplish that on your own.

How to pay online

1. Become a member of this site. (Email us with questions)

2. Go to the Events page by hovering your cursor over "Members Only" on the bar at the top. Click on "Member Exhibit Sign Up."

3. Scroll to find "Bon Air Member Show at Crossroads" event (filed by the start date of the event, September) and click "Register." That page will give the opportunity to "Register Now," read more information about the show, and to pay the $20 fee (click the + under the "quantity" column to secure your 1 entry fee).

Questions? Email us.

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