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Marketing your art: a peek into April 2019's meeting panel

Our April 5, 2019 BAAA program features a dynamic panel of three professionals who use marketing to sell their art. Jennifer Kirby, Savannah Ball and Shaylen Broughton will describe simple, effective strategies in their panel discussion titled “Marketing Your Art to Sell.” You will gain a better understanding of how to post to social media platforms, which platforms work best for artists, and what content art enthusiasts want to see. Walk away inspired to connect with potential followers and gain future collectors of your artwork. Watch for a survey later on to find out what questions you would like the panelists to address in the program.

Who will join us for the April 5, 2019 program panel?

Jennifer Kirby

Native Virginian, Jenni Kirby, is a passionate mosaic artist holding a Business Management Degree and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to selling art. Kirby began mosaic classes under Michelle P in 1997 Orlando Florida, then moved to RVA two years later, teaching her own classes out of her studio in Shockoe Bottom Art Center, The Virginia Museum of Fine Art, The Visual Art Center, John Tyler Community College, J. Sergeant Community College and the University of Richmond. In 2002, Jenni and fellow artist James Bassfield opened the Crossroads Art Center in RVA. Seventeen years later, Jenni is now the sole owner and the Art Center has grown to 25,000 square feet and over 225 artists, boasting the broadest selection of art in the Central Virginia Area.

Shaylen Broughton

Born and raised in RVA with childhood artistic ambitions, Shaylen's grandmother Grace, a professional portrait artist, taught her first before she went on to excel in the arts through school and college. Shaylen obtained her BFA from The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in 2011, followed by a post-college career in Hospitality Design that taught her business sense, enhanced her work ethic, and reiterated personal values that nudged her in another direction.

A peek into Shaylen Broughton's Instagram feed

In 2014, Broughton began her career as a visual artist, exhibiting in several group and solo shows in the US, as well as in the UK and Australia. Today, she works with several local nonprofits, leading community art projects such as large-scale interior murals and after-school art programs. "Recently, I've begun exploring new mediums, like using natural water

sources to accomplish fluidity in my compositions. My work is highly experimental and remains in a constant state of change."

Savannah Ball

You may know Savannah from Crossroads Art Center—she's their Art Center Manager and Marketing Specialist. Born in Orlando, Florida, Savannah obtained her BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2015 with a minor in Art History. In 2017, she completed her Museum Studies Graduate Program with Northwestern

University and worked as the Outreach Programs Manager at The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design and AIA Virginia.

Join us at the April meeting to hear more from these professionals!

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