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Don't let frigid February freeze your creativity

A message from your BAAA president...

Hello BAAA Members,

It’s mid-February and the cold weather has again reared its ugly head. We had a brief sampling of an early Spring for the past few days only to have it snatched away as we were just getting used to it. Even though a groundhog in Pennsylvania has promised enjoyable weather sooner than later, I think we probably should wait and see what a sometimes fickle Mother Nature has in store. Groundhogs are like politicians...their promises don’t always align with reality.

Time for exhibit venues is fast approaching and we have record numbers of sign-ups. The roster for the Fore Children show filled up quickly and promises to be a huge success!

We have seen more and more new members step up and volunteer in various capacities in exhibit venues, shows, and board positions. Some of our veteran members need to show similar interest and take part and share their experiences.

As always. . . Keep on creating!


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