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Congrats from the president

Hello, all!

First of all, kudos to all involved in the 2019 Bon Air Artists Association Members Show held Friday, September 20th at Crossroads Art Center! The turnout was good and the art was great! Preparations by Jenny, Jan, and the rest of the CAC crew provided a nice gallery to showcase BAAA’s abundant talent. Entertainment by the violinist Faith Hoffman rounded out a very enjoyable evening. The patience and sense of humor exhibited by bartenders Merrilee and Cat were icing on the cake. Thank you all!

Wait! ….there were also some winners!! Congratulations to Sarah Hoyle, Cindy Paris, Kathy Miller, Linda Harrison, and David Everette for 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and two honorable mentions respectively!

Don’t forget: We have at least 2 more venues this year, Virginia Eye and Cedarfield.

In the meantime…...Keep on Creating.


stone paver courtyard area in Greece with white walls and bougainvillea
Lefkes, on the island of Paros, Greece (not the piece that won the prize for Mrs. Hoyle, but a lovely example of her work)

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