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Quiet Moments and more


Dates refer to the next time a change out will be made. Click on the link (underlined portion) associated with each listing to be taken to the event's page in our member's section of this website. Not a member yet? Let's change that.

Friday, June 14 @ 12:30

Chairperson: Suzanne Jepson, 804-794-7646

Dave Oxley, 804-598-2829

Commission is 25%, so price accordingly. Pieces must be wired 2 inches from the top with tight wires. Price is displayed and sold pieces can be replaced.


Pick up Wednesday, June 26 @ 1pm

Chairpersons: Linda Harrison, 804-320-7368 and Gina Venn, 804-741-1572

Drop off: Friday, May 31 @ 12:00 pm

Pick up: Monday, July 1 @ 10:00 am

Chairpersons: Frank Mercado and Karen Suderland 512-773-336

Theme for the show: “Quiet Moments”

Capital One (Knolls)

Drop off: Tuesday, May 14

Chairperson: Frank Mercado 716-860-9418

Drop off Saturday, August 31 @ 10:30 am

Chairperson: Elaine Bankston 804-304-2787

Drop off: Friday, September 13

Pick up: Monday, November 4

Chairpersons: Bev Perdue 804-794-8656 and Susan Rash: 804-598-2829

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