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Through Frank's Lens

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Frank Mercado is Bon Air Artists Association's 2020 Corresponding Secretary, and was the 2019 Exhibit Chair. Though he dutifully helps BAAA members put their art on display throughout the state, one of his great passions lies in the space between him and his camera lens.

Frank wrote a little about himself in introduction. Other members should please reach out to Elizabeth or CLICK and fill out this form to share some about yourself.

I am a photographer who grew up in the 60’s, and my idea of fine art photography was formed by the works of the 20th-century Modernist masters: Paul Strand, Edward Weston, Imogen Cunningham, Ansel Adams, et al. I came to realize that there is a common denominator to what most intrigues me about their work: compositions consisting of striking shapes, interesting details, and graceful patterns of light and shadow. It is this aspect of their art, and less their specific subjects and genres, which generally influences my approach to photography. In particular, this is why I am inclined to search for formal beauty above all other subjects.

My current work focuses on abstract imagery, and explores ideas about extending the tradition of analog black and white abstract photography, as pioneered by Aaron Siskind and Minor White in particular, with today’s digital and color technology. I am most in my element when I am out and about, using my photographer’s eye to find meaning and beauty in the world.

Peer into the mind of this artist by visiting his art website.

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