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June 2019 Announcements & Kudos

Congratulations to Beverly Perdue, Susan Stuller and Eleanor Cox who have paintings accepted into the Baltimore Watercolor Society’s Annual Show. Way to go!

Baltimore Harbor at Night
Baltimore Harbor Photo by Bob Burkhard on Unsplash

  • 2020 BAAA BOOTH AT CROSSROADS SIGN UP: It’s time to start signing up for exhibiting in the Crossroads BAAA booth during the year 2020. Let Vince Calabrese know ASAP what months you want to show. The sign up is for 2 months each (e.g. January and February, March and April, and so on) . So far, the rate remains at $78.33 for two month period. A sign-up sheet will be at the luncheon. Alternatively, contact Vince Calabrese at to sign up or ask questions.

  • OPENINGS AT UPTOWN GALLERY DURING SUMMER OF 2020: On July 5th, Featured artist Blanton Seward will have an opening in the Main gallery, and Ric Anderson will open in the Frable space. On August 2nd, the Chester Artists exhibit opens in the ELM Loft. On Sept. 6th, BAAA members Joyce Satterwhite and Beverley Jane will show in the Frable space and Guest space, respectively, along with Featured Artist and former BAAA member Solange Brown, who will be paired with Ellen Wakefield.

  • SEARCH FOR BAAA MEMBER TO ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY FOR CROSSROADS BOOTH: Vince Calabrese has overseen the management of the Crossroads BAAA booth since its inception ten years ago. He now feels it is time to give up this responsibility and pass it on to some new blood, either one person or two. The job involves setting up the yearly exhibition schedule in the latter part of the year, keeping track of who is showing and when they need to change, keeping track of who has paid (along with the treasurer) and acting as a referee. While this sounds daunting, the booth pretty much runs itself now. Vince already has at least one person who has volunteered to help whomever does the job and Vince will be available to act as a consultant. He will set up the exhibition schedule for the coming year (2020) which runs the calendar year. If we can’t find someone to do the job by the end of this year, we will probably have to give up the space. Please let Vince know if you are interested in assuming this responsibility ASAP You can contact Vince at

  • Christopher Wynn will be teaching all media classes at the Bon Air recreational center off Quaker Road starting June 17th and 18th. The Monday class is from 10:00 till 12:30, Tuesday is an afternoon class from 1:00 to 3:30. First class is free! Just show up. Or send me an email at christopherwynnart@yahoo, as I am currently painting and traveling in Europe this month and can send more info on the road

  • Gloria Callahan’s colored pencil classes are on hold as her house has been recently sold and they are planning on moving.

  • Please welcome our newest member: Jane Thomas (w/c) at 1306 Walton Fuff Circle, Midlothian, VA23114. Phone: 378- 1857, email:

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