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Scary Social Media for Selling?

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Are you afraid?

At our Friday, April 5th meeting, we learned more about marketing our art through social media. Members came to the meeting with varying experiences with social media, which allowed our guest, Savannah Ball, to educate so many. Savannah is the Manager and Marketing Specialist at Crossroads Art Center, so her experience with sharing and marketing artwork runs deep and wide.

Savannah will teach you individually ($25/hr.) and can be reached via email.

She provided us with the following tip sheet. Take a deep breath and try something new:

Marketing your artwork for potential sales does not have to be scary. However, in this day and age it is important to have an online presence and be actively engaging potential collectors.

Here are a few simple steps and guidelines to get you started!

Showing Up Defined: “Showing Up” just means you are posting on social media on a consistent basis, allowing your posts to be viewed and your artwork discovered by a wider audience.


Where to Show Up Online!

- Artist Website. It’s easy to build a website, and sometimes free. No scary coding

necessary, just select a template and include a few images, artist biography, and contact

information and you are set!

Potential website platforms: Shopify, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace.

- Facebook. Ideally, you should post to your Facebook page once a day. But create a

consistent schedule that works for you.

- Instagram. Post daily or multiple times a week. Again, consistency is key!

How to Post and Share Your Work! 

- Post directly on from Facebook from your phone or computer.

- Download the Instagram app on your smartphone to post.

What to Post? 

- The 80/20 rule. Literally, 80% of your posts should help introduce you, your interests,

and why do you make art. Then 20% of your posts should advertise what you sell.

Potential clients crave stories and authenticity, not a salesperson.

- Process, process, process! Literally, you can’t go wrong with sharing how you do what

you do. Take a picture of your color palette, specific tools and educate your followers

about the time, effort, and expertise of your work.

- Exciting news! You just got accepted into a new exhibition or someone just purchased

your artwork. A new collection is in the works, or just finished! The possibilities are


- Personal stories. Potential clients crave stories and authenticity, not a salesperson. They

want to know the real reason you love what you do, don’t pretend, be yourself.

- Where to find you. Where do you sell? What does your studio look like? How can

someone find you and your artwork.

- Experiment! Social media is simple and free – don’t be afraid to try something new!

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